Underwater Inspection Services

Depending on what your requirement is, Aquabots has a solution for you. We are capable of Renting out our ROV systems with personnel to help you with your inspection. We also have the ability to Sale ROV systems to meet your requirement including adding additional sensors to for your ROV and ROV spares. No need to order parts from various vendors and try and put the system together. We will help you do it.

With our fleet of Inspection ROVs, we can perform General Visual Inspection(GVI) and Close Visual Inspection (CVI) as well as more complicated ones. Since our system’s have the ability to bolt on additional sensors, we can come up with a solution for most tasks.

Ballast tank Inspections can be completed quickly with GVI and CVI. Also, using Ultrasonic thickness gauges can help determine if tanks require further maintenance and easily identifies problem areas.

Our systems are great tools to be used with structures as you can easily see the general condition and deteriation of aging structures with ease. You can also inspect damage and measure scour around footers.

Some of the applications utilising our high tech fleet of ROVs are illustrated below:

Our services are not just limited to these sectors, There is potential to apply our expertise in lots of other areas too.

Some examples of add ons include CP, UT, HD Camera, Multibeam, Sonar, Laser measurement tools etc. This expands capabilities and scope massively.

Get in contact to discuss your inspection needs with our knowledgeable staff and we will do our best to come up with a solution for you.