Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental


Aquabots has several different types of inspection class ROVs that can be used on a rental basis with our team of qualified ROV pilots. These systems can be utilised on a variety of jobs depending on clients needs. As the ROVs have different payloads additional sensors can be added to configure them for the job – A custom solution every time.

BlueRov 2

The BlueROV2 is a unique mini ROV system with a 6 vectored thruster configuration design. This feature makes it highly maneuverable, smooth and stable for its size. The system is battery operated with an average of 3-4 hours of operating time. Its lightweight portability makes it an ideal system for quick response. Weighing in at only 10kg in air, the system can be launch and recovered easily without the need for lifting equipment.

It has a host of internal sensors including gyroscope, accelerometers, barometer, depth sensor and leak detection sensor. The system is depth rated to 100 meters (328 feet) and comes with 250 meter umbilical.

The system has a built in HD Video camera 1080P with 4 subsea led lights , allowing for high quality images even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

VLBV 300

The VLBV 300 is an evolutionary step forward for a mini ROV system. It comes with four powerful horizontal thrusters, arranged in a vectored format. This allows the system to offer equal horizontal thrust in all 360 degrees of flight. Being lightweight and compact makes the system ideal for quick rapid mobilisations. Thus allowing the user to deploy and retrieve the system manually without the need for any specific lifting equipment.

It has a host of advanced internal features such as high resolution color camera, powerful LED lighting, depth, heading and temperature sensors, auto-depth, auto-heading and thruster trim, low-drag neutrally buoyant tether and integrated Navigation/Control Console (INC). The system has a depth rating to 300 meters (1,000 feet).

The VLBV has the ability to easily attach additional sensors, depending on your job requirements. Some examples are additional HD Cameras, additional lighting, CP, UT, Positioning sensors, Sonars, lasers, multi beams, grabbers and many more.

VLBC Crawler System

The Crawler skid can be attached to the VLBV quickly and easily, allowing the mini ROV to become a hull and infrastructure crawler. In its size class it is unmatched in versatility.

The crawler’s unique design doesn’t use magnets or thrusters, which would normally impede its visibility in water. The system uses a patented vortex generator to attach to any hard, relatively flat surface with 22 kgf of attraction.






Falcon 300

The falcon 300 is a small compact powerful system. It makes for a great platform to achieve various intricate and demanding subsea requirements.

With its powerful 4-vectored thrusters and 1 vertical thruster, this allows the system to be used in the toughest of environments.

The falcon has a high- resolution camera, which is mounted on a 180-degree tilt platform. With its variable intensity LED lighting, it is suitable for capturing good quality images and video in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Multiple  accessories can be easily fitted to the system with ease. This is due to its open frame concept and the host of spare ports located on the electronics bottle.

Launch and recovery is quick and easy due to the unique lock latch system the 300 comes with.