Weedless Propeller

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Compatible with the Blue robotics M200 Brushless Motor, the weedless propeller has long, swept blades that generate significant thrust and speed without getting snagged on weeds, plastic bags, or other marine debris. These propellers are used on the BlueBoat, but can be used with the M200 Motor on USVs, UUVs, and more!

The M200 Motor and Weedless Propeller make an ideal propulsion system for small unmanned surface vessels (USVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), and even human-carrying craft like kayaks! Originally designed for the BlueBoat, this propeller is optimized for efficient thrust, speed, and, of course, weedlessness!

The highly-swept blades brush off weeds, plastic bags, and other debris like there’s nothing there. Check out the gif to the right of the BlueBoat cruising through a weed-filled lake.

The weedless propeller is made from strong glass-filled polycarbonate and is sold as a set with one clockwise and one counterclockwise propeller. When used together, the two directions cancel out torque from each other, which is especially important on underwater vehicles.

The BlueBoat comes with yellow propellers to maximize visibility and prevent people from getting their hands too close to the propellers, but they are also available in black for other applications.


  • 1 x Weedless Propeller (CW)
  • 1 x Weedless Propeller (CCW)
  • 4 x M3x8 Socket head Stainless Steel Screws