Blue Robotics T500 Thruster

Regular price $1,000.00

The T500 Thruster is our next-generation underwater thruster with three times more thrust than the T200 Thruster. With a 24V / 43.5A power rating, high efficiency, and ruggedized design, it is an ideal choice for high-power ROVs, surface vessels, AUVs, and more! It comes with a pre-installed WetLink Penetrator for rapid integration into your system.

The T500 is designed to achieve its maximum performance of 16.1 kgf (35.5 lb) of thrust at an operating voltage of 24V and power consumption of just over 1 kW. That said, it also operates well at 16V, the voltage of our BlueROV2 and lithium-ion battery. At 16V, it consumes a similar amount of power to the T200 Thruster, but is more efficient and generates 70% more thrust.

In addition to the thruster, you need a speed controller like the Basic ESC 500, a power source like our battery, and a signal source, such as our Thruster Commander, an RC radio receiver, or a microcontroller like the Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


  • 1 x T500 Thruster with WetLink Penetrator pre-installed
  • 1 x Clockwise propeller (installed on thruster)
  • 1 x Counterclockwise propeller
  • 1 x Penetrator nut and O-ring