ROV Power Supply Enclosure for OTPS

Regular price $6,380.00

This is a component of the Outland Technology Power Supply. The ROV enclosure replaces the ROV’s battery enclosure and converts 400 VDC power from the tether to 15 VDC power for the ROV.

For a complete system, see the Outland Technology Power Supply for the BlueROV2.

The ROV Power Supply Enclosure has pre-installed power and tether signal cables with penetrators that make it a drop-in replacement for the original BlueROV2 battery tube. The wires in the tether signal cable are connected to the 8 pins on the tether signal connector, allowing pass-through connections for the Fathom-X signal and an auxiliary twisted pair. We have clear instructions on how to install the enclosure on your BlueROV2.

The enclosure is equipped with two wet-mateable electrical connectors that allow the ROV to be connected and disconnected from the tether cable. One 3-pin connector handles the high-voltage power and ground connection while an 8-pin connector handles the signal connections.


  • 1 x Outland Technology Power Supply ROV Enclosure