Fifish E-Go ROV

Regular price $9,880.00

The New Fifish E-Go has improved on the expert and has the option of 2 ports for attaching a wide variety of additional sensors. With its AI Vision Station Lock, 4K UHD and 176degree FOV Camera Lens, Helps to make this an professional Class system. The Lumen lights has been increased to 10,000 Lumens and now comes with a Dual Swappable Battery System.


  • 1 x Fifish E-Go ROV
  • 2 x 5000 Lumen LED
  • 1 x 128GB Storage
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 2 x Adaptors for RC and E-Go
  • 1 x Q- Interface
  • 1 x Upper Tool Mount
  • 1 x Hard Case
  • 1 x Tool Kit and Box
  • 1 x 100m or 200m Tether with Manual Waterproof Spool
  • 1 x Robotic Arm
  • 2 or 4 x 72Wh Battery