DWE ExplorerHD 2.0 Underwater Subsea ROV/AUV USB Camera

Regular price $450.00

This patent-pending, UVC-compliant camera is the first to feature HD USB output while achieving a waterproof rating of IP69K. Equipped with a modern Sony sensor and a proprietary 4-layer PCB, you will be able to see in low light conditions like never before. Thanks to advanced automated exposure and white balance adjustments, exploreHDs produce accurate colors and pleasing natural images. With integrated H.264 compression technology and our open-source camera driver, you can stream up to 7 cameras simultaneously via ethernet without major quality loss or latency. You can even stream an unlimited number of cameras together, provided that the bitrate is appropriately reduced. This makes our camera the perfect choice for an advanced multi-cam ROV/AUV setup or other subsea applications.