Blue Robotics Lumen Subsea Light for ROV/AUV

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A 1500 lumen subsea LED light with servo signal control, daisy-chain connection for multiple lights, smart over-temp protection. The Lumen have a depth rating to 500m, better low-light output, and a wider brightness range.

Some of the features are:

  • Fully dimmable control using a PWM servo signal (1100-1900 μs)
  • Simple on/off control with no signal needed
  • Daisy-chainable to connect multiple lights from a single connection
  • Automatic, smart over-temperature compensation for maximum light output and safety in air
  • Built-in mounting holes on the side of the case (M3 thread)
  • Exponential brightness control with much lower minimum brightness output
  • 500m depth rating

In addition to really high brightness, the Lumen is designed for very low brightness output, which is important to be able to illuminate the scene without washing out the colors or brightness. An exponential brightness curve makes it intuitive to use effectively.

For those who want to use the light in other applications, like scuba diving, the light can be operated without a PWM signal. Just connect the yellow signal wire to the power wire and it will turn on! A switch can be used here to make this even more convenient.

The light operates on 10-48V inputs and can accept PWM signals from 3-48V! It is compatible with many common boards like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and PixHawk. The case warms up to a comfortable 55°C (131°F) when operated in air and stays much cooler in water.


  • 1 x Lumen Subsea Light
  • 2 x Stainless steel M3 mounting screws
  • 1 x Lumen Cable Penetrator for 4mm Cable
  • 1 x O-ring for Cable Penetrator