Binder 770 Plug

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The Binder 770 connector is our standard connector for tether connections above the water. The connectors have 8 pins and are IP67 splashproof when mated, reasonably priced, and compact. The Binder 770 plug is pre-installed on all Fathom tethers since August 2018, but this connector can be used to retrofit older tethers.

The following is our standard pinout for this connector. Please note that only the first two pins are used with the Fathom Slim tether option.

Pin Number / Color
1 / blue
2 / white-blue
3 / orange
4 / white-orange
5 / green
6 / white-green
7 / brown
8 / white-brown

The connector has a current rating of 2A per pin, is rated for 175V (1750V impulse), can handle >5000 mating cycles, and has gold plated pins.

Please note that the connector requires moderate soldering skills. 

Binder 770 (2.5-4mm) used for cable jackets, like the Fathom Slim tether.

Binder 770 (6-8mm) used for cable jackets, like the regular Fathom tether.


  • 1 x Binder 770 Plug (2.5-4mm or 6-8mm)