Basic ESC 500

Regular price $150.00

This bidirectional speed controller is similar to our original Basic ESC, but suited for the high power requirements of the T500 Thruster, even when in a space with poor airflow and cooling, like inside an ROV enclosure. It is controlled with a standard servo PWM signal and comes with male bullet connects to solder to your thruster for an easy connection.

Key Features

  • Simple, robust brushless electronic speed controller
  • Compact form factor
  • Forward/reverse rotation direction for forward/reverse thrust
  • High-efficiency, low-heat design optimized for minimal cooling environments


  • 1 x Basic ESC 500
  • 3 x 4.5mm Male Bullet Connectors and Heatshrink
  • 2 x Spade Terminals (for use with a barrier block, if needed)