About Us


Aquabots Pte Ltd was setup in Singapore as an Inspection Services Provider to help our clients inspect difficult locations, without the risk of endangering the lives of personnel.  We thrive to help our clients come up with a solution for their inspection requirements.Whether it is helping them perform their goals with our own equipment and team or providing the right solution for them to purchase. Aquabots can help - reach out today.

With our fleet of ROVs, we are able to inspect underwater areas which were before unreachable to our clients while using less manpower as compared to more traditional methods.

We have a selection of ROVs which can be used for different types of jobs and locations. Being able to bolt on additional sensors to help perform the task at hand widens the scope of our service offerings. These systems can be deployed rapidly, efficiently and safely, helping reduce the cost to the client.

Whether it is an inspection of a chain, infrastructure, vessel inspection or water tank, Aquabots can do this safely and quickly!

Aquabots also offers the use of its mini ROV ( BlueRov 2) which can be used to inspect inside water tanks and filled ballast tanks. This is a big leap from having to empty ballast tanks for inspections. Personnel are no longer required to go into confined spaces to perform these tasks, saving paperwork and training costs.

With over 15 years experience in the ROV and subsea market space, Aquabot's Managing Director Michael Bain can dispense experienced technical advice readily to prospective clients.