WaterLinked Underwater GPS G2

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Underwater GPS G2 is the most robust acoustic positioning system on the market today.

With a huge number of customers all over the world in a wide range of applications, the system is very well proven and ready for mission critical assignments.

Key Specifications:
Range 100-300 meter radius
Accuracy 0.2% / 1 deg error margin of range / angle
Directivity 360 degrees

Challenging Environments

Years of research has gone into making the positioning algorithm of the Underwater GPS system able to provide a high quality position in even the most difficult environments. In stark contrast to traditional USBL systems, you will get a great position even in settings like:

  • Very shallow water
  • Inside tanks or pools
  • Around subsea installations
  • Close to ship hulls
  • Inside fish farming cages full of fish
  • Under the ice
Vehicle Integration

You can choose from a range of different Locators (transmitters) and select the best for your application. The easiest is normally to choose the Locator-U1 which does not require any form of integration to the vehicle. Please refer to the “Locator Comparison Matrix” linked below to make an educated selection. You may also contact us if you want to get a specific recommendation for your application.

The extremely small size of the Underwater GPS components makes the system ideal for small and medium ROVs. But the amazing performance has also paved the way for the system being used on some of the largest work class ROVs.

Getting Started

When you buy an Underwater GPS kit, the only other requirements are:

  • A power source (10-30V DC)
  • PC/tablet/smartphone with a web browser to show the GUI