Omniscan 450

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Omniscan 450 FS

The Omniscan 450 FS is a forward looking Sonar suitable for ROV applications. The electronics and transducer are housed in the enclosure. Their is two options available with 100m and 300m depth rating.

When using the Omniscan 450FS on the ROV.  The scanning is controlled by the pilot and can go quickly to point of interest rather than waiting for a mechanical scanning sonar to rotate round again to the point you are looking for. This is ideal for search and rescue and situational awareness.

When using a pair of Omniscan 450FS units, one mounted forward and the other one 90 degrees to either side, full 2d motion tracking is available. This will also enable position hold mode. 

Cerulean have their own free software SonarView which the Omniscan is used with. This is a pretty nifty piece of software which already supports the Insight-240, S500, Ping360 and ping sonar.

Dont forget to get your mounting bracket to make it easy installation onto your BlueROV2.


Omniscan 450 SS


The Omniscan 450 SS is a tailored for Sidescan applications. Its transducer is longer than the FS which gives it a 50% better angular resolution and a 150m maximum range. Please note that for scanning both sides requires to purchase 2 units. 

The electronics come separate and needs to be mounted inside the vehicles enclosure.

Similar to the the 450 FS when used with DVL on ROV or with GPS on Surface vessel scanning is translational and well as rotational. Which sets it apart from the traditional waterfall view. Using the vehicles attitude and positional data, each ping is displayed in its absolute orientation and position in Sonarview.

For mounting options make sure to get the mounting bracket. I feel this will be a popular add on to the Blue Robotics BlueBoat.