Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics

Aquabots is the regional distributor for Blue Robotics. From our base in Singapore we can help supply the BlueROV2, payload skid, T200 Thrusters, Umbilicals, Water Tight Enclosures and a complete set of all Blue Robotics Accessories. We can also provide additional add ons to your ROV or project to help build the complete system for you. Get in touch to find out more.


The BlueROV2 is a unique mini ROV system with a 6 vectored thruster configuration design. This feature makes it highly maneuverable, smooth and stable for its size. The system is battery operated with an average of 3-4 hours of operating time.  Batteries are sold separately from the ROV. Its lightweight portability makes it an ideal system for quick response. Weighing in at only 10kg in air, the system can be launch and recovered easily without the need for lifting equipment.

It has a host of internal sensors including gyroscope, accelerometers, barometer, depth sensor and leak detection sensor. The system is depth rated to 100 meters (328 feet) and with a variety of choices for umbilical lengths from 1m to 300m the correct length for your application can be found.

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 Payload Skid

The payload skid is a modular frame for the BlueROV2 system which mounts directly underneath the ROV.This is ideal for adding additional large instruments and other equipment to the BlueROV2.

The payload skid can hold an additional 2 x Lumen subsea Lights, 12 ballast weights and 2 x 4″ watertight enclosure or 3 x 3″ watertight enclosures.

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At Aquabots we also sell the individual components. Some of the most popular items are the:

Lumen Subsea Light for ROV/AUV

The 1500 lumen subsea LED light comes with servo signal control allowing for fully dimmable control or the lights can be used as a simple on/off with no signal. With two ports on the endcap of each light, gives the user the ability to daisy chained them together allowing for multiple lights to be installed.

The lumen LED light comes in a rugged hard anodised aluminium enclosure allowing for depths up to 300m. The light operates on 10-48V input and can also accept PWM signals from 3-48V.

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T200 Thruster

The T200 thruster was designed for various clients and variety of applications. The T200 thruster is a brushless electric motor purpose built for use in the ocean mainly for ROVs, AUVs and surface vehicles.

It can also be used in a variety of other cases such as paddle boards, kayaking and scuba diving.

The thruster is simple to use and only requires 3 wires to be connected to any brushless electronic speed controller(ESC) and it can be controlled. The thrusters are sold with clockwise and counter clockwise propellers. If you want to find out more or receive a quote, please get in contact with our team.



Watertight Enclosures

Blue Robotics have a variety of configurable watertight enclosures sizes ( 2″,3″,4″,6″,8″) which is ideal for ROVs, AUVs and any other marine application. With Modular endcaps gives the client a variety of options from flat end caps, end caps with holes for penetrators and domed end caps.

Aquabots can also supply a variety of Blue Robotics accessories to go with your enclosure such as end caps, vent plugs, blanking plugs, penetrators, switches, led light indicators, electronics trays, o-rings, flanges and camera brackets and camera tilt systems.

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This is only a small sample of the product range from Blue Robotics get in contact for more options and accessories that you might require.